For publication of article in the 62th number / 2018 the collection of scientific and practical articles  to 04.05.18 must  provide:
1. Information about the author (sample)
2. And to send the text of article arranged according to requirements in electronic form to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., in article it is also necessary to provide:
- The author's paper of article in English for placement on the website of the edition (the author's paper of article shall contain: surname and author's initials, rank or position, place of employment or studies, name of article, summary of article in the minimum amount of 250 words). The translation into English shall be reliable (not machine). In the presence of problems with accuracy of translation, edition can help with their decision;
- The review signed by the Doctor of Economics.
After receipt of confirmation from an editorial board about adoption of article details for payment of a printing fee are for printing provided.
- To send the scanned receipt  about payment of cost of the publication of the scientific article. The cost of the publication constitutes 30 hryvnias for the page of the text. The printing fee covers the expenses connected with editing articles, prototyping and a seal of the magazine and also post shipment of the magazine to authors.
      The editors have rights not to include an article in the journal if:
     -  arrangement of an article doesn`t meet requirements said above;
     -  the theme of the article doesn`t correspond to the edition one;
     -  an article`s title doesn`t match the content;
     -  an article written on the low scientific level;
     -  the materials were published partially or wholly before in other journals.